Monday, August 11, 2008

Vanity Fair

When I was in High School, I tricked my Mother into buying me a desk. She didn't want to. My room was too small and I usually did my homework either backstage during rehearsals for some play or in study hall the morning it was due. I told her I was unable to study at home due to insufficient study spaces and argued that our dining room table didn't have acceptable lighting and my bedroom had no seating except for my bed, which was for sleeping and therefore not conducive to efficient studying. I suspect her desire for me to shut my pie hole was more persuasive than my arguments.

Nevertheless, we set about finding a cute and not too chunky desk and matching chair which I promptly repainted, reupholstered and turned into a fantastic vanity. Soon I was spending hours looking at myself in the mirror and contemplating the merits of frosted eyeshadow instead of Milton or Eliot. I have not had a vanity since those glory days, but this white three-drawer 'desk' is awfully tempting! The drawers come fully finished in bright orange or if you are feeling especially virtuous, you could order them in a limited edition yellow and a donation will be made to help cure pediatric cancer. I am already envisioning clear lucite drawer dividers for all my beauty products and a tray containing a zillion overpriced perfumes chosen specifically for their bottles.

The company, Modern Tots, is ostensibly a children's furniture boutique but why waste all that fantastic design on children?

Also awesome:

These pendant lamps would be great in a kitchen or dining room.

This rug has fantabulous detailing but neutral colors that won't distract.

A toy chest would make a wonderful coffee table and provides ample storage for blankets and other necessities.

Images: Modern Tots


hanna said...
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hanna said...

LOVE both the pendant lamps & vanity. I agree-- why waste amazing design on dumb old babies and stuff??? Besides, when I see the word "tots" my mind goes straight towards a basket filled with potato goodness. Of course, this may be the Midwest's doing. Plz come get me.