Friday, November 20, 2009

Then I will REALLY watch too much TV...

Guys. Time for a poll:

Since my TV currently resides on the floor in front of the fireplace, should I buy the virtual flame dvd?

a) Woot!
b) Meh.
c) Eye-roll.

Please place your vote in the comments below.

Image: Rita Konig for The Moment

Monday, November 9, 2009

Generosity and whatnot.

It's a good thing I've created our new Gift Guide because there are a lot of things I want!  Ummmmm, I mean I want to give to others!

Take this pillow for example- it's simple yet fabulous and would look wonderful on my orange couch.

Also on other couches though.

Image: Pony Rider via Ill Seen, Ill Said


It's been a while (a whole two months) since I fell in love with a wallpaper but it's that time again so here goes....

I love it! I want to wallpaper a dressing room! It would make my skin glow! I would feel so glamorous! I would wear silk slippers! And a dressing gown! I could have amber-scented candles! And exotic flowers!

What's with me and gold today??

I blame {this is glamorous}

Image: Osborne & Little via {this is glamorous}


We had a very productive weekend in our apartment- we were finally able to install a new pendant lamp in the kitchen and we now have two new bookcases in the living room. As a result our apartment is suddenly flooded with (artificial) light AND my bedroom is less cluttered without giant stacks of books under my desk and lining the walls. Progress!!

This cozy corner, courtesy of Blafre Designs, is so sweet and girlish that I don't even mind that it's clearly a child's room. In fact, it's reminiscent of my own living room! (minus the child-size bed, of course) Our walls are a similar purple grey color and we scored a cute three-tiered faux chandelier on super sale from Urban Outfitters that is currently hanging in our front window. It does make me wish I had more white in the room because between the dark wood floors, bookshelves, tables and chairs, we have a lot of brown going on! I'm beginning to re-think my plans for some bright slipcovers for our armchair in favor lighter, more neutral tones.

Still working on the rug.....

Image: Blafre Designs via marion hearts

Things I Should Own....

Aaaaah I need more gold sequins in my life!!

Image: Vogue Paris via {this is glamorous}

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We call the hot one Kyle.

When I first moved to NY, I lived on the Upper West Side in a charming apartment with Helen. We like to refer to the place as 'Potato Chip Island' for reasons I will not explain here but if you get the reference, we can be best friends forever.

Potato Chip Island was a magical place. We didn't put a ton of thought into our design scheme- everything just fell into place since we both like lots of color. Our only decor-related project was a series of silhouettes we made one afternoon and then ingeniously pasted to the wall of our living room. It is the only wall decal that I have found acceptable in recent years and that's mostly because we made them ourselves.

The problem with decals is they usually look so cheap and easy. I saw some cherry blossom stickers recently at Ikea and threw up in my mouth. (Sorry Ikea, I usually love you) I am willing to make one exception to my decal hateration: These headboard decals by Blik:

They come in a variety of kicky colors and styles but this basic 'iron' frame is my favorite. Sure, they border on college dorm chic but I don't care. I think they'd look awesome in a guest bedroom or in the kind of apartment where you wind up using milk crates as nightstands and somehow they look cool and sort of industrial in a non-hipster way.

Images: Helen Rosner and Blik