Sunday, April 12, 2009

like a kid in a candy shop

I always forget how awesome the Marie Claire Maison website is for a glimpse into spaces that have the kind of European grandeur we rarely see in New York. (Or at least in Brooklyn) It's a blend of elegant minimalism with hints of drama and whimsy. Take this living room, for example. The stark white walls and ceiling blend into each other while the small patterns mingle with basically every color under the sun. I love the light pink beadboard and the floral floor cushion and pouffe on top of the floral rug. If I were ever going to have children, this is basically what my house would look like. Except they wouldn't be allowed to touch anything. Or sit on anything. Or come in this particular room at any point. At least until they are 15 and don't run the risk of spilling any Tang or anything.

But yeah, love this room! Vivat Marie Claire Maison!

Image: Marie Claire Maison

Friday, April 3, 2009


I was never terribly big on animals as a child but whoa Nelly am I into them now! As decorative objects! As lamps! As baked goods! Wait, that sounded gross!

Anyhoo, I found two things today that I absolutely have to have either in this lifetime or the next.

This Elephant Pouffe is from Essentials, an incredibly fun and chic store in Northampton Massachussettes. (Northampton is also home of the best pasta I have ever had as well as my friend and former roommate Mia.)

This Elephant is perfect. It's a pouffe. It's an elephant. It's sliver. I would put it in the corner of a room and just stare at it for hours and hours. What more could a girl ask for??

What is that you say?


Done and done.

Courtesy of Stella McCartney, animal lover/activist extraordinaire, "Lucky Spot" is currently on exhibition at Belsay Castle in England through Good Friday. I'm not even sure what I'd do with this in my house. I just know I want it. Hard.

Images: Essentials and CasaSugar.