About this Site

ink was created by Mia in 2008 as a platform to share interior design ideas and inspiration as well as a mutual love of wallpaper with her college friend and roommate, Hanna. 

For a year the two lived in domestic bliss-strolling through Park Slope farmer's markets in search of the perfect bouquet of ranunculus, devouring macarons by the handful and indulging in whole weekends on the couch while Mia schooled Hanna in the joys of guilty pleasure TV. 

Then Hanna decided to move out. It was very sad.

Now Mia blogs alone, which is nice because it gives her full reign to talk about whatever she wants and no one can complain about it. Except in comments, which she can delete. 

Mia has an insatiable sweet tooth, an intense love of flowers and a discerning eye for good packaging. She spends her spare time watching tv and movies, reading celebrity gossip and nurturing her uncompromising aesthetic with shelter magazines and design blogs. Aside from wallpaper, Mia's other great design loves include black & white stripes, small floral prints, black walls, astrological prints, marble busts, metallic accents and animal-shaped poufs. 

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