Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stick it to me

Remember this post about chalkboards and this post about my love of entryways? Well these adorable chalkboard decals are the best of both worlds! It would be so amazing in a small entryway over a compact console or cabinet with a bud vase and a classy tray for keys. Best of all, they're under $20!! ShaZAM!

The only question is, which one do I like better?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tick Tock

This year my friends and I decided to exchange home-made gifts and it was basically the most fun any one has ever had ever.  I decided to make clocks because they are versatile and easy to construct. I wish I had seen this one from Dutch By Design because I would have copied the crap out of it!

An easy concept with room for variation, I love how large it is without being too much of a 'statement'.  I would collect vintage frames from tag sales and antiques stores and fill them with postcards, old movie tickets and other sentimental souvenirs. Or perhaps I would just be lazy at buy this one. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Caramels anyone?

My current roommate is studying to be a pastry chef at the French Culinary Institute.  This means I get to eat pastries like everyday. Literally, every damn day. I walk in the door and there is a tart on my countertop. Or cookies on my desk. Or a freaking pie in my refrigerator with a giant sign that says 'Mia you will eat me or you will DIE'. By the time she gets her certificate, I will have an extra five inches of ass thanks to her delectable delights. What I love most about said roommate is the fact that when I ask her what she is going to be making next she gives me not only the name of the tasty treat but also the French translation, every single ingredient and sometimes she will recite the whole recipe from memory. My favorite is when she shows me the little recipe cards.

Recipe cards look like a foreign language to me. They are like Will Hunting's complex chalkboard equations. They have strange sounding ingredients like 'cream of tartar' (wtf?) and 'trimoline' (sounds like a diet pill.) They challenge me not to mix up 'Tbsp' with 'tsp'. Also, cracking eggs scare me.  But I digress...

I like the look of recipes on this matte chalkboard wall. I'd like to think I'd write very complicated recipes in bright colors so my guests would think I am an expert baker but in reality I'm pretty sure I'd write notes to myself like the post it that was stuck to my wall a few days ago.


Sigh. I am so classy. 

In other news, I also love the chair rail, the simple dining set, the open shelves and (big surprise) the pink hydrangea. So basically I love everything about this picture and want it all. 

Image: SFgirlbybay

Saturday, February 14, 2009


There's something very luxurious about a decked out entryway. Perhaps this is because I have not had an apartment big enough to accommodate a space that can't also serve as a dining room or makeshift seating area. I suppose these spaces are more common in real houses and not in the tiny apartments of urban dwellers. I have always wanted  a hyper-organized foyer with an elegant console and room to store mittens, mail and muddy shoes. A foyer says 'Welcome to my charming abode. I am an adult. May I take your coat?'. Well, that's what it says to me.

While reading Design Sponge this week, I was inspired by their sneak peak into Cathy and Erik's apartment in Williamsburg. I love the simple black console (from Target no less. Score!) that has been spruced up with decorative knobs from Anthropologie. As if their place couldn't be any more awesome, it also used to be a bakery. {swoon}

Also on my list of awesome entryways?  Rita Konig's small entry modeled after an english country estate. Oh how I love Rita Konig and eveything she does...
Check out her adorable New York apartment via Apartment Therapy.

Images: (1&2) Design Sponge and (3) Apartment Therapy