Saturday, February 14, 2009


There's something very luxurious about a decked out entryway. Perhaps this is because I have not had an apartment big enough to accommodate a space that can't also serve as a dining room or makeshift seating area. I suppose these spaces are more common in real houses and not in the tiny apartments of urban dwellers. I have always wanted  a hyper-organized foyer with an elegant console and room to store mittens, mail and muddy shoes. A foyer says 'Welcome to my charming abode. I am an adult. May I take your coat?'. Well, that's what it says to me.

While reading Design Sponge this week, I was inspired by their sneak peak into Cathy and Erik's apartment in Williamsburg. I love the simple black console (from Target no less. Score!) that has been spruced up with decorative knobs from Anthropologie. As if their place couldn't be any more awesome, it also used to be a bakery. {swoon}

Also on my list of awesome entryways?  Rita Konig's small entry modeled after an english country estate. Oh how I love Rita Konig and eveything she does...
Check out her adorable New York apartment via Apartment Therapy.

Images: (1&2) Design Sponge and (3) Apartment Therapy

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