Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's been far too long...

We haven't fallen in love over some newly discovered wallpaper patterns in a while so this one has me all hot and bothered. It's feminine and modern but not necessarily frilly. I think it would look wonderful in a bathroom or entryway. I'd pair it with a honey-colored oak side table and a velvet chair in a deep moss green.

Also on her website? This fantastic metallic leaf print I'd use instead of a headboard.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If I could find and afford a spacious, brightly lit garden apartment in, say, Carroll Gardens it would pretty much look like this. Owners Tobias Mikkelsen and Hanne Scheel Andersen, a graphic designer and architecture student respectively, have infused their house with an eclectic mix of highly saturated colors and multiple patterns. The room feels simple and comfortable. It has a lived-in feel and a distinct design. Two thumbs up!  

Check out their awesome blog What We Do featuring more photos of their home (in Copenhagen! how cool is that?!?) and their beautiful daughter Silke.

Images: What We Do 

Monday, November 3, 2008

I Heart White More Than Ever

I am LOVING Michelle Adams' living room featured on Design Sponge today. The furniture fits the scale of the room perfectly, without looking too cramped. The white walls, curtains and loveseat allow the bright accessories to pop (Who wants that tortoise-shell lamp? I do! I do!) And those shelves! The decorative brackets!  The artful arrangements!

Also, can we please have a moment of silence for the lucite side-table  and white porcelain bust?!?  I die.

Adams is the owner of Rubie Green, an eco-friendly design boutique that serves as an excellent resource for elegant textiles with a quirky twist and an eye towards responsible living. Please check out her website and drool over the beautiful fabrics- I'm partial to Patsy, modern floral that would make a brilliant shower curtain. Check out her blog too!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Open Letter

Dear World,

Please bring these cookies into my life. I would be ever so grateful.


Image: Sweet Paul

Mirror, Mirror on the, er, stairs?!?

I like mirrors. I like them everywhere. I like big ones and small ones. I like framed and beveled and bejeweled mirrors. I would kill for almost any piece of furniture that is finished using mirrors.  When I was younger, I took dance classes specifically for those mirrored walls. (Ok this is not entirely true. However, I would consider installing a dance studio in my living room purely for the decorative aspect)

Today I saw THIS. 

And it blew my freaking mind.

How awesome is this idea! (answer: very awesome. very awesome indeed)