Monday, February 21, 2011

Office Space Part Deux

By golly I've found it! This is the perfect space for a home office and writing space! Now if only I can convince my writing partner to paint her home office black....

And also to move her whole house from LA to NYC....

Image: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle Mag via The Decorista

Lamp Obsession


In white? Dove gray? Peony pink? For the living room? Bedroom? Entryway?

So many options. So little money.

Geometric Ceramic Table Lamp $159

Image: Shades of Light

Friday, February 18, 2011


Now THIS is what I call a workspace! (It's a dressing room but whatever.)

Image: tiny.k


Oh February. You are such a fickle month. You always feel so much longer than you actually are. I would prefer to spend all 28 days in bed with the shades drawn, a hot mug of tea and several piles of books and magazines to read. Instead, my job dictates that I slave away under mountains of paperwork and spend my days pretending to tolerate the masses when in reality a string of inaudible curses escape my mouth every time the phone rings.

"You ass hat.  I hate you."
Stop asking questions! Don't you understand the internet was invented so you can find your answer online instead of bothering me?!?"
"I curse the day you were born. Shit Bucket."

That's pretty much how my day goes.

All I really want to do is fly far far way to the magical world of Palm Springs where I would spend my days lounging by the pool wearing vintage '50s-style bathing suits with red lipstick and my nights parked at the bar wearing sequined mini-dresses and unbearably high platforms.
What better place to do this than the Parker Hotel?? The casual glamor and sunny atmosphere would break through even the worst doldrums of winter. Plus, there is the added bonus of the poptatstic Jonathan Adler touch.

Images: Pottery Barn and The Parker Palm Springs

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Get thee to a Joann's Fabrics!

This bedroom is bananas. There is so much going on and yet I love every little detail, from the matching walls/headboard/dust ruffle to the giant mirror and casual art work. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Image: Elle Decor

Monday, February 7, 2011

Project Desk

My desk is by far the biggest eyesore in my bedroom. I try to clean it off about once a month but because I tend to use my laptop on my bed, my desk is usually hidden under a mountain of books and old mail. Case in point:
Sad right? Well today I'd had enough. It was time to organize, rearrange and take on a small craft project!

See that wooden box on the floor? It's actually the FIRA drawer unit from IKEA. I bought it two years ago and only put together 2 of the 3 drawers before I gave up and stored old beauty products in it. While dusting it off, I realized I might as well go to town with some acrylic paints:

Not so shabby, eh? After I put away the paint, I got to work reorganizing my desk which was quite a feat because as it turns out, I have A LOT of junk! Books went back onto my bookcase, notebooks are stored in the sad blue bins under my bed and old mail went into the shredder. The result is much more conducive to actually being productive!

Photos Courtesy of: Mia G for w*ink
(Please excuse their poor quality, I am clearly not a professional photographer.)

Bedroom Ideas

I am *LOVING* this ethnic chic bedroom featured over at The Decorista last week. The quilt has all my favorite colors and I adore the pheasant pillow and the symmetrical nightstand/lamp combos. I'm also really digging how the artwork over the bed echos the texture of the whitewashed brick wall nearby.Classy! I'm definitely filing this one away for future reference.

Image: The Decorista

February Obsessions

Last month was wrought with of small miseries- snow storms, heating problems and ailments galore. I realize this is the East Coast and so these aren't exactly atypical for this time of year but for some reason my tolerance for winter in general is at an all-time low.  What better way to cure the melancholy mood of January than with some gorgeous, glamorous interiors? I hereby dedicate February to laid back glamor, black & white and, randomly, rams.

Ram 1: bookends! Or are those gazelles? I can't tell.

Ram 2: I want this coffee table so hard.

Images: Lonny Magazine

Friday, February 4, 2011

Red is the new Grey

Oh my goodness this bold red eating nook is so decadent and cozy. If it were mine I would spend every spare minute nestled amongst those black & white pillows, pouring over shelter magazines with a giant mug of tea. Ms. Vreeland would be proud!

Image: Apartment Therapy

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who needs Cinnabon?

For some odd reason I have been in the mood to bake lately, despite the fact that I am notoriously bad at everything besides making Ramen and also Hanna took away our pretty Kitchen Aid mixer. It is so hard to motivate oneself to bake or cook when you don't have the proper tools or space.Or talent.

Le Sigh.

Yesterday I spent a few hours scouring the internet for recipes and when I came upon this delectable batch of Sticky Lemon Rolls, I almost fell over. Sticky rolls laced with nutmeg and lemon zest! Lemon cream cheese glaze! Lemon filling! Be still my heart! It's a lemon extravaganza! A lemon sensation! A lemon spectacular!

HERE is the recipe, which looks way more time consuming if you do not have a Kitchen Aid mixer.
Just sayin'.

Images: The Kitchn

My Favourite Things

If I am ever fortunate enough to own a cottage in the English countryside, this is pretty much exactly how it will look. The home of Fiona Douglas of Bluebellgray is so deliciously feminine I just want to hold decadent tea parties and surround myself with my best girlfriends and a pile of fashion magazines. Sounds like heaven, no?
Images: Design*Sponge

Winter Blues (Also ROYGV)

The gloomy days of winter have me seeking out ways to brighten up our dimly lit living room. What I wouldn't give for a living room as bright and airy as this one! The color block pillows add just the right amount of color to an otherwise neutral room. I don't even mind the blank wall above the couch! (Though I would probably hang the biggest black & white photograph imaginable.) Check out the rest of this charming home over at sfgirlbybay. I hope you're as gaga over the pink kitchen as I am!

Images: Bright Bazaar via sfgirlbybay