Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who needs Cinnabon?

For some odd reason I have been in the mood to bake lately, despite the fact that I am notoriously bad at everything besides making Ramen and also Hanna took away our pretty Kitchen Aid mixer. It is so hard to motivate oneself to bake or cook when you don't have the proper tools or space.Or talent.

Le Sigh.

Yesterday I spent a few hours scouring the internet for recipes and when I came upon this delectable batch of Sticky Lemon Rolls, I almost fell over. Sticky rolls laced with nutmeg and lemon zest! Lemon cream cheese glaze! Lemon filling! Be still my heart! It's a lemon extravaganza! A lemon sensation! A lemon spectacular!

HERE is the recipe, which looks way more time consuming if you do not have a Kitchen Aid mixer.
Just sayin'.

Images: The Kitchn

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jae said...

I think you should make them...