Friday, August 8, 2008


So, I am a total sucker for fresh flowers. I am that weirdo who goes to farmers' markets and spends nearly 20 minutes staring longingly at the decadent, fist sized peonies and wonders if it would really be so bad to blow my whole fruit and veggie budget on one big bouquet.

Ranunculas are my all time fave. They're gorgeous at every stage: just starting to bloom from buds, half open, and then when they're all the way opened they look like big bunches of crepe paper.
When I stumbled upon this pic I was in love: what a great way to decorate little pockets and corners of a room! I love the idea of using colorful tea tins, boxes and jars to hold a bunch of this week's market flowers. Also great for table centerpieces!

Image: Emma's Design Blog


mia said...

Does that give us an excuse to buy fancy tea just for the fancy tins??? Cuz I will!

hanna said...

ABSOLUTELY. Hanna and Mia forever pledge their allegiance to packaging!