Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Powder Room Chic

Bathrooms sort of baffle me. They are usually small, require little to no furniture, and because I've never really had a large, luxurious tub, I've never really spent much time in them. The fun pretty much ends after I've chosen colors for a bath mat and shower curtain.  

Last night I saw a movie that might have single-handedly changed my opinions re: bathroom design and decoration. The movie is called Lucky Number Slevin and on the whole, is pretty mediocre, but the set decoration throughout is phenomenal. Every wall, floor and ceiling in practically every scene is boldly patterned and at the risk of ruining an important plot point, pretty distracting. The bathroom in question is only featured for about 40 seconds and the only view we see is through the doorway so I'm not even sure what the rest of it looks like but oh. my. gah. is it wonderful!

I couldn't track down any production stills without Josh Hartnett standing in the way in all his half naked (floral toweled) goodness. But basically, the bathroom is tiled in bright white subway tile about 3/4 of the way up the wall and then finished off with this incredibly cool moroccan print wallpaper that is pink and turquoise on a white background. So simple and yet really  stylish. Even though I couldn't see the rest of the room, I have a feeling the shower curtain was probably plain white or clear and the bath mat was probably a lighter sky blue.

C'est Magnifique!

Ps. While trying to track down similar wallpapers, I came across this one from Walnut Wallpaper. It's called Luxury and has diamonds! The whole thing has a rather 70's feel to me but I'm diggin' it! 

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