Tuesday, August 19, 2008

House Tour: Sunset Park

The other night I had the pleasure of joining my friend Johanna for dinner at her new apartment wherein I discovered two things: a) the girl can cook! and b) her apartment is magnificent!

Upon entering the apartment, I found myself face to face with a hallway filled with a vintage art nouveau wallpaper that was spectacular and the wonderment didn't stop there. There are ornate marble fireplaces and beautiful woodwork throughout and the decor has a laid-back elegance without trying too hard to be overly precious or fashionable. My favorite room is the living room, a small alcove cradled between their two bedrooms. In addition to a great coffee table, the room hosts a full wall of mounted shelves above the mid-century modern couch. Though they intend to dismantle the shelves, I think they would be a great showcase for their large art collections!


Images: Johanna!

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