Monday, August 25, 2008

Those old golden rule days...

Well, it's almost time for Fall. You know what that means: pumpkins, apple cider, crisp mornings and weeks of people-watching as everyone debuts their carefully chosen fall wardrobes even though it is technically still too hot for corduroy and boots. 

Suddenly everyone I know is either going back to school or teaching this year so I've had school supplies on the brain. Besides my obvious love of all things Lisa Frank, I also have a serious notebook fetish and enjoy accessorizing in general. School supply shopping is simply heaven for me. Assembling the right school supply collection requires work--not only must one keep in mind which specific supplies one will need but one must also consider color, texture and the overall theme of the set. A well-curated selection of notebooks, pens, etc. can mean the difference between eating your lunch in a bathroom stall and reigning supreme over the entire cafeteria. (Trust me. I know this.)

At my Connecticut High School, LL Bean backpacks were essential. Extra large with initials embroidered on the back, which color and style you chose said everything about you. These bags were purchased in 7th or 8th grade and carried all the way though the four years of hell and sometimes even while moving into your freshmen year dorm. I arrived on the scene a bit late for this trend. A midwest transplant in 8th grade, I was a fan of the plain black backpack you could find at, say, Target. And when I was a sophomore I embraced (gasp!) the messenger bag.  Today, my little sister carries her books in either a Vera Bradley messenger bag or a plastic tote from H & M but reports that the LL Bean backpack still rules the halls. So the question is, as adults, what are our options for today? How do we find the right balance between function and fashion???

 I have long since abandoned the messenger bag because it makes me walk crooked and I despise all backpacks in general. I am thinking a cute tote might be appropriate for the upcoming school year. I adore this one by a designer under the label Morelle from Amsterdam. The color is fabulous for Fall and the style is feminine without being frilly. This particular bag is Sold Out but more will be available in her Fall/Winter '08 collection after August 31st. 

Now if I can only get into grad school....

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