Monday, August 4, 2008

A Different Kind of Loft

Tonight I had dinner at a friend's amazingly cute apartment not far from my house. I'd never been to visit before and was delighted to see vibrant colors and a playful use of her roommates paintings spread throughout the rooms. The hallway even boasted a tiny portrait of Tina Fey. (Swoon)

In the bedroom, I was surprised to find that she had confronted the issue of a smaller room by installing a lofted bed that actually complemented the space! Not only did the room maintain an adult-like grace and elegance, but it managed to optimize the space without seeming to dwarf it at all. Under the full-sized bed was an armchair, side table, desk and small dresser. I'm not sure I would necessarily want to use a ladder to climb up into bed, but it was nice to see thought and creativity go into the design of a small space!

Image: Apartment Therapy

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