Tuesday, August 19, 2008

quest for the holy grail of jewelry boxes

Probably the only thing I would ever own that could be categorized as 'Safari'. 
A Sephora train case. Who knew?

This is ok. I like the medium red one the best and think the tassel is ingenious. But is it for me?

Embarrassingly enough, this is a Marc Jacobs for Sephora train case. Good storage though.

Love the Mirrors. Hate the decorative accents.

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am a huge fan of accessorizing. Day or night, rain or shine, black-tie or black sweat pants, I will accessorize accordingly. I even accessorize during heat waves when it's painful to even wear underpants. I am that committed to the larger picture of fashion. But how and where does one store all this bejeweled wonderment? 

One of my current conundrums in life is my jewelry storage situation. It's not that I need anything special-- most of my jewelry is not worth more than $30 --but right now it is all stored in colorful tupperware containers on my bookshelf and that is just not acceptable. (I should also mention that my more valuable ring collection currently resides in an old Altoids tin on my nightstand.) 

I seem to be excessively picky when it comes to jewelry boxes. I am the Goldilocks of accessory repositories. I've had the usual suspects before: the regulation unicorn music box when I was 8 (Damn that was good!) followed by a more sophisticated Italian music box that played Phantom of the Opera when I was 13 and then a decoupaged cigar box in high school that finally kicked the bucket a year ago. My main problem is that it must be a box of some some sort and it must fit my considerable reserve. I detest any kind of earring or necklace stand or rack because I firmly believe that jewelry should be viewed only when worn, not hung on display where anyone can ogle your goods. 

Hunting around for the perfect vessel to house my collection, I have come across many promising candidates but nothing that screams 'YOU MUST OWN ME IMMEDIATELY'.  Above are some of the contenders. So now I defer to you, dear friends.  Thoughts? Suggestions? Your own musings on how ridiculous my problems are these days?? 

Images: (from top) Sephora, Pottery Barn, Sephora and Urban Outfitters

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