Thursday, August 28, 2008

(My Deco) Style

This morning, the good folks over at Apartment Therapy featured a survey from My Deco that identifies your design style. It's a simple enough test--you choose your favorite colors, chairs, chandeliers, etc for different rooms, and answer a few lifestyle questions.

Apparently my style is Pot-Luck Pro--a phrase I already detest. The explanation makes me feel slightly less queasy: 

Your home certainly stands out from your neighbors'! There's nothing average or ordinary about the place, and that's just the way you like it. You have a maverick approach to interior design and decoration, gleaning ideas, inspiration and objects from the unlikeliest of places. Over the years, though, this has synthesized into something unmistakably 'you'. You revel in the juxtaposition of furnishings and objects that have caught your eye. 

Above is the photo that matches my profile. It is labeled 'Urban Modest Bedroom'. I like the wall color.

Find out what your style is by clicking here.

Image: My Deco

1 comment:

hanna said...

oh god. i am "BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY." Wtf? should i be worried?

and are we compatible????