Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A is for Awesome

A few years ago I went to a conference in Philadelphia. It was my first time in the city and instead of paying respects to our founding fathers by visiting historical sights or concentrating on the actual topic of the conference, I found the nearest Anthropologie and shopped.  In all fairness, it was our afternoon off so I wasn't skipping a lecture or doing anything that irresponsible! The highlight of my trip involved this journal. This journal is spectacular. This journal will change your life.

My journal is hot pink (obviously). It has thinly-lined cream colored pages. The cover is embossed: A to Z Subject Journal. Inside there are tabs for everything from Art to Gifts to Utopias to something strange called 'Zen'. 'Zen' is where I tend to take note of any home goods I find while out and about. Though there are also the tabs  'Inspirations', 'Shops' and 'Loves' for this. I carry this notebook around with me everywhere I go so whenever I am on the subway and think of a random movie I should add to my queue on Netflix, I can add it to 'Films'. If I have a good wine at a dinner party, I write it down. And when someone suggests I check out a specific restaurant, in it goes. This journal is so good, it even has a section for 'Yoga', which I appreciate even if I only write down the dates and times of classes I am too lazy to attend. Curiously enough, the only tab I don't utilize is 'Kids'.  Who needs that anyway? 

Check out other versions on the Daisy Arts website or at Kate's Paperie

Image: Daisy Arts

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