Sunday, September 7, 2008

Color Wheel

Sometimes I like strange color combinations and no one really understands the beauty of it but me. When I announced I might possibly use navy and peach as wedding colors, I received many a raised eyebrow. And it wasn't just because I am not even engaged. Luckily, some of my other favorites are more mainstream--red and turquoise for example. I love red and turquoise so damn hard it is not even funny. This kitchen, while a little too bold even for me, perfectly captures the retro yet modern feel of the combination. The red is slick and glossy and the turquoise is soft, radiating an almost translucent feel.

I'm craving a melange of printed pillows on a light grey or white couch paired with a few solid red upholstered arm chairs. OR in a bright white tiled bathroom, I'd paint the walls turquoise and use red for all the accessories. OR I would find the palest, softest turquoise bedding and use it against a fabulously vibrant red headboard in the bedroom. I could go on and on...

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