Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dessert of the Week

Last night I added an extra blanket to my bed and slept under the covers so it is officially Fall in my book. Now that the air has changed, I can commence my annual bout of summer nostalgia. My favorite part of this particular summer vacation was a short trip I took to Maine. During my stay I did a lot of things. I sat on display furniture and considered owning a cherub-laden settee, I walked across a terrifying bridge at night with the Winslow 7 waiting to stare me down on the other end, I drank Gin and Lemonade and read decorating books to my heart's content, and last but certainly not least, I ate a lot of food.  (Nothing new here) Most of it involved blueberries--I felt it was appropriate for both the locale and the season.

One culinary delight I did not consume is a Whoopie Pie! Inherently stylish and oh-so-yummy, this precursor to all things Little Debbie was in abundant supply in Waterville and the surrounding towns. I saw some that were about as big as my head. I probably would have eaten the entire thing and felt sick the entire trip home but nonetheless, I am yearning for one now. Luckily, Martha Stewart can provide us with the perfect recipe straight from Maine's Cranberry Island Kitchen

Get the recipe here.

Image: Martha Stewart


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oh man, we so narrowly avoided our fates at the hands of the Winslow 7. I am so excited for your next foray into country road trips, I wonder where you could go that would possibly be as cool as Waterville, ME...maybe Northampton, MA?