Thursday, September 4, 2008

Color Me Pink!

I am one of those people who unabashedly quotes Diana Vreeland at will and I'll do it again right here and now:

"pink is the navy blue of india"

It is also the story of my life (see practically every post on here) and how I plan to win the I've Got Color! contest at some point in the next few years. Sponsored by Apartment Therapy and Crate & Barrel, the annual contest celebrates people who embrace bright colors and use them throughout their cleverly designed homes across the country. Once entries are submitted readers can vote for the 4 best entries in each region. After the contest is narrowed down to the top 16, judges will vote on the final 4. Check out last year's winner here and try not to be blinded by its awesomeness.

One of my other favorites from last year was Courtenay & Jeff's Vancouver abode which boasts, among other fabulous touches, an amazingly cute cat. Obviously, my true favorite part of their home is the pink dining room. But aside from the dazzling pink walls, I adore the round wooden dining room table. I would also KILL for the amazing vintage poster featured behind the table but unfortunately, a quick google search priced it at $600.** 

Other things I like about this apartment? 

* The cool chair-rail in the bathroom with a retro vibe and Tiffany colors. 
* The masculine bedroom with a fantastic dresser positioned at an angle in the bay window.
* A  bold use of contrasting colors opposite exposed brick throughout the apartment.

Stay tuned for coverage of this year's I've Got Color! contest whenever it comes along...

**Ok I would not literally kill anyone or any thing for that poster. That is unless it was, you know, softly and with my love.

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