Saturday, September 20, 2008


I've spoken before of my ardent love of accessories of any kind (and my adventures finding proper storage) but anyone who knows me at all knows that my love of jewelry extends past simple costume jewelry. When I was younger I made beaded rings before graduating to woven friendship bracelets and then finally to paperclip bracelets in 7th grade, right as those Lip Smacker necklaces were au courant in the midwest. By the time I hit high school, I had given up on my jewelry design aspirations in favor of loftier goals like one day owning a Thierry Mugler dress. Anyway, my brief foray into the magical world of accessories instilled in me a great appreciation for those who actually do it well and I feel it is my duty to support those artisans by owning as much beautiful jewelry as possible. (Pay attention people, the holidays are coming up....)

One of my favorites is Suzannah Murray's Lark and Lotus line. The New Orleans-based designer has amazing attention to detail and her pieces are enchanting and graceful. The collection is a delicate blend of elegance and refined drama; it has a vintage sensibility yet from a contemporary point of view. The ornate art nouveau pendants and nature-inspired earrings and rings are beautifully crafted and reflect an intuitive understanding of the spiritual and cultural mythology of the region.  My favorites are the Kalfu Ring and Necklace and the Cicada Wings Ring (which I have seen in person and it is superb.)  I love that they are glamourous and laid-back all at the same time and I think any piece would be a great statement for those days when you need to spice up the basic jeans and t-shirt combination. 

Just think what fun it will be to nonchalantly murmur Suzannah's name when people inevitably come looking to copy your exquisite taste!

Check out her enticing website here.

Images:  Lark and Lotus

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