Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another White Couch...and more!

Let me just say that the first thing that popped out of this heavenly living room in the Domino Galleries is the magnificent horse sculpture in the background--and it's not just because I saw Equus last night. I'm loving how bold it looks compared to the lucite lamp next to it and how well it complements the dark coffee table and side chair. Oh what the hell-- I adore the entire room. The bookshelves! They are so organized! The couch! It is so white! The colors! They are so vibrant! It all reminds me of the Florida beach home I secretly plan to own and to which I plan to retreat in the dead of winter in order 'to work' but really 'to read magazines and drink arnold palmers'.

Also in the Domino Galleries? This photo which is basically me in the English country estate I plan to buy in order to host lavish weekend parties, wear beaded gowns to dinner, and secretly hope someone dies so that Stephen Fry might show up to solve the mystery. 

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Sadie said...

I LOVE the room in the first picture! Love. It.