Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Crush Worthy.

Confession: I have several girls on my girl crush list*. They vary from girls I want to befriend (Drew Barrymore) to girls whose closets I would gladly steal (Kate Moss) to girls who I not only want to befriend and steal clothes from but whom I would also die to work with (Mindy Kaling). Somewhere in between these groups is another subset of girls who have impeccable taste in home decor. Mainly, Rita Konig.

Konig first caught my eye as the intrepid reporter who gamely traveled around the world recommending stylish boutiques and adorable eateries in major cities for Domino. My real crush set in when the magazine featured her charming apartment with tons of pink and small-scale florals reflecting her whimsical English sensibility. My crush was further cemented when the magazine featured her entryway a few months later and then included it in their design book.

A few weeks ago I was checking out the New York Times blog The Moment and to my surprise and delight, there she was again showing off her new upholstered couch! I am dying over the modern Alan Campbell pattern paired with the shape of the traditional French settee. I always gravitate toward solid couches paired with patterned throw pillows for practical purposes but I would love a piece like this because it would add some depth and interest to a living room. There is something terribly decadent and glamourous about having a patterned couch. I will have to settle for a patterned arm chair...

Image: Rita Konig of The New York Times

*This is not to be confused with my boy crush list, which is so long (36 and counting as of today) that it had to be divided up into 3 tiers and includes two alternates.

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