Friday, August 7, 2009

Won't you be my neighbor???

Do I love this or hate this? I am not so sure...

Colorful 'statement' rugs are so difficult to incorporate into a room. They either overwhelm and distract or provide the perfect punch of vibrancy and interest to pull the room together. Some rooms need a rug to add warmth while others need them to brighten a dull room. I like them because they make a room look more 'finished' though in our case, we need one just to break up the dark brown wood floors and help cover the splatters of three different paint colors.

Even though Hanna hates rugs, I'm still secretly looking for the perfect one. I'd say it's in case she changes her mind but it's actually just because I like those kinds of projects and enjoy the challenge of finding something that complements the strange shade of burnt orange on our couch.

This rug intrigues me. It's interesting. It's colorful. It's modern.

It's also sort of weird.

And feels like it should be in a bachelor pad.

Or sold at CB2.

Ok, nevermind.

Images: Flor, Be My Neighbor Rug Kit via Poppytalk

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