Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If it ain't baroque...

Everyone knows my taste tends to be a bit dramatic. Even as a child, my taste varied depending on the day (my mother once grounded me after I petitioned for a violet room only to dismiss it in favor of an all white palette while the paint was practically still wet). Lately, I find myself wavering between two different aesthetics. On the one hand, I lean toward bright white rooms with smaller touches of vibrant colors and patterns but on the other, I am inextricably drawn to dark, slightly Gothic rooms with radiant jewel tones and an abundance of hot pink and yellow. I saw this incredibly chic living room over at CasaSugar yesterday and have been thinking about it ever since. Designer Abigail Ahern first caught my attention when the photos of the apartment she helped design for her sister hit the New York Times. Something tells me I might be adding another girl to my design crush list!

Check out Ahern's fun website here. (I especially love the lamps and chandeliers throughout each room)

Image: Abigail Ahern via CasaSugar

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