Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

Here is something embarrassing: I am working on a project with a good friend and instead of focusing on our writing, I have been spending most of my time designing an imaginary production office in my head. Apparently, while others procrastinate with actual chores or tv, I decorate rooms I don't own for businesses I haven't yet created. Wonderful.

It's not my fault though- last week I went to IKEA and spent way too much time sitting in one of their faux offices contemplating their enthusiasm for shelving and wondering if the tulip chairs they displayed would actually be comfortable as a desk chair. This led to a full-on obsession. Suddenly I was thinking about desk set ups, reception areas, filing cabinets, etc...

One of the challenges of setting up an office space for the two of us would be finding a way to balance our two styles. She adds a very laid-back, bohemian sophisticate feel to basically everything she touches. She's glamorous in a very natural 'I can wear sea glass and not seem like a hippie' kind of way. Where I gravitate toward jewel tones, she would choose dusky roses and sage greens. When I would automatically choose lacquer and lucite, she would want teak and oak. The new offices of gift designer PaPaYa! are extremely colorful and exude a childlike whimsy-see their painted chandeliers and electric floral paper products here- yet parts of the large space are incredibly elegant and basically I am incorporating them into my fantasy office.

I love the ikat ottomans and deep sofa, which would encompass both our styles. The large wooden sunburst mirror would lend a rustic feel to the place that she would appreciate while the gold-rimmed end tables fit perfectly into my aesthetic. I also love love love the mirrored credenza, it would add some nice old Hollywood glamor.

Ok back to writing...

Images: PaPaYa! via Decor8

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