Thursday, August 6, 2009

Liner Notes

I have a book addiction. Not only do buy too many, too often, but I am also incapable of weeding out my inventory. There are no less than three crates of books stored at my parents' house in Connecticut. We currently have two full bookshelves in our living room and there are two more crates of books stored under my desk in my bedroom taking up all my legroom. I have been scouring Craigslist hoping to find an identical set of bookshelves for our living room so we can frame the fireplace with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and keep all our books contained in one room but so far, no such luck.

You might think I should stop at two large bookshelves. You might advise me to consider donating some of the more embarrassing titles in my collection (Ahem, Mr. Rogers' Life Lessons) or sell some to The Strand and use the credit to buy some gifts . You might tell me to stop obsessing over mundane household object like bookshelves.

But you would be wrong.

I have also been nagging Hanna to consider placing yet another set of shelves in our kitchen since we have a lot of space and not as many cabinets and storage. I envision a section for cookbooks, some pretty bowls and bar ware displayed, several colorful boxes for storing utensils and gadgets we rarely use. In general, it would look hyper-organized and colorful and it would make our kitchen look much less cluttered.

I noticed these shelves over on AT: San Francisco and thought they might be an easy solution. I am always looking to incorporate interesting patterns and the idea of lining the underside of the shelves would be a subtle way to add a hint of color in our white-walled kitchen. Plus, I always love a good project and an excuse to visit Kate's Paperie.

Stay tuned for some thoughts on the shelves in our tiny bathroom!

Image: I Suwannee via AT: San Francisco

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