Friday, August 21, 2009


Hanna and I have a problem. Well actually, I have a problem. Hanna doesn't care so much. She's not nearly as neurotic as I am.

Our dvds are taking over our living room.

Ok, that's an exaggeration.

Most of our dvds are currently stacked in a semi-neat pile that is almost as tall as I am. Then there is a smaller stack against the bookshelf. There are more in a garment box under the side chair. A bunch of others are on my desk. There might also a pile leaning against the closet on top of a shoebox full of feathers.

What's a girl to do?

I hate the way dvds look. They take up a lot of space. They aren't aesthetically pleasing to me. They are hard to organize by color. Nicole over at Making it Lovely chronicled their dvd plight and came up with a simple solution: they hid them.

I like this.

Too bad we don't have room to devote whole cabinets to our growing DVD collection. That would be heavenly. So far here are my ideas:

1) Buy colorful boxes and store the dvds on the bottom shelf of both bookshelves so they look need and symmetrical and best of all: they will be hidden.
2) Give up and make space on our bookshelves.
3) Buy a tv stand with room to store or shelve the dvds to keep all our viewing pleasure in one place.
4) Thow away all the boxes and keep just the discs themselves organized by genre in pretty binders.

Thoughts????? Suggestions????? Words of Wisdom?????

Image: I Suwannee

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Sadie said...

Here are my thoughts on how to incorporate the ugliness of DVDs into your living space.

First, I would not buy a tv stand that has ready-made dvd storage. At least, not a stand that screams "tv stand", if you know what I mean... that's too collegiate, or bachelor, or something... But some kind of swank, discreet storage unit would be ok. I wouldn't go the binder route, it sounds difficult to keep orderly, aaaand it's a little fussy.

Store the DVD's low so that they don't hog all the attention (save that for the books). When you want to watch something, it's not that big a deal to squat down to see what you've got.