Monday, August 24, 2009

New Jocelyn Warner!

Ten years after her initial debut, wallpaper extraordinaire Jocelyn Warner is returning to London's 100% Design fair this September and I am delighted to see her three new designs! A delicate, modern take on traditional floral prints, Warner's botanical motifs are wildly elegant, charming and original. Her Leaf and Peony designs have quickly made their way onto my favorites list and will likely be joined by her new Fern design.
As usual, all designs will be available in a variety of colourways that will make any room feel enchanting and stylish. I'm thinking the Fern in 'Chalk' would be particularly wonderful in my living room or, better yet, used in our kitchen to create a swank transition between the two rooms.

If you live in London, be sure to check out their booth at 100% Design! If you don't, visit their website where you can also find her swoon-worthy lampshades (Treetops is gorgeous!) and the rug to end all rugs, Bloom!

Photos Courtesy of: Jocelyn Warner


Sadie said...

I love the fern motif! It gives a similar effect as a ginko leaf motif, without being as trendy (which is good I mean-- ferns are fresher and not overdone). It's delicate without being at all fussy.

mia c said...

ooh, i like how subtle this is...if only i had a huge drawing room to do up, i would have wallpaper like this and lots of oversized ottomans