Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Painting the Roses Red

Words cannot describe how much I love Helen Amy Murray's furniture and art. It's glamorous and elegant and dramatic and I just want it all. Murray is a recent addition to The Rug Company's designer collection but it's the British artist's chairs and wall hangings that get this girl's panties in a bunch. (yeah, that happened.)

This red chair makes me want to die of happiness. I wouldn't even sit in it. I'd just turn it around and stare at it all day instead of getting anything done. It would complement the pendant lamp I just bought for my bedroom! 

I could stare at this hypnotic black peony print all day as well. It makes me want to wear velvet and read Edgar Allen Poe stories. It would be nice above a simple, monochromatic bed.

Please buy it for me? K thx. 

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