Monday, July 20, 2009


One of my embarrassing secret habits is reading Teen Vogue. There. I said it. I READ TEEN VOGUE.

That felt good.

Now, I know I'm supposed to read legitimate magazines like the New Yorker but I can't help it. Sometimes I just need to feel like a spoiled teenager with a disposable income and an ardent love of Marc Jacobs and boys with overly floppy hair.

I like Teen Vogue for several reasons:

1) It fits in my smaller purses.
2) It's cheaper than other magazines.
3) The clothing is sometimes cheaper and more accessible than regular Vogue. (Although still frequently out of my price range)
4) The spreads are more playful.

This month's issue features Emma Watson, child star-turned ingenue-turned fashionista extraordinaire, styled in jewel tones and lounging around an English estate. Yes people, it is exactly my dream life. Bitch.

The other day one of my friends asked me to describe my aesthetic and I had no idea what to say. My tastes tend to vary with my mood but there is always an underlying penchant for bold hues and glamorous accents. I wish I had been able to shove this spread in her face. Jewel Tones! Anglomania! Ponies! Opulent fabrics! Layers! Drama! Ahhhhh!

Question: Should I be worried that Teen Vogue is currently dictating and defining my creative style?

Images: Teen Vogue

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mia c said...

i think i want her life, too. complete with perfect skin