Friday, July 10, 2009

When I am an old women I will live in pink.

This is basically what I envision my future to look like. I will be an old woman (if I don't die young in a tragic yacht accident first) with hair piled high on top of my head and held in place by lacquered chopsticks. I will spend much of my time catching up on my correspondence and eating strange small meals at odd hours of the day. I will host cocktail parties in caftans and devote whole closets to gifts and gift wrap.

It will be a lovely life.

This room was designed by Miles Redd, who is currently a Style Compass feature over at 1stDibs. Check out his swoon-worthy work stat!

Image: Tim Street-Porter via 1stDibs and AT: San Francisco

1 comment:

mia c said...

ha! all your TRUE fans know you plan to die on a cruise ship, not a yacht!