Thursday, July 2, 2009

Livin la vida boho

I've been so busy watching marathons of Weeds and seeing certain Johnny Depp movies that I haven't had much time to plan our upcoming living room makeover. It's pretty hard to plan a 'makeover' when said 'makeover' basically involves painting the walls and the paint has already been picked out anyway. Nevertheless inspired by a recent jaunt though the Anthropologie website, I'm simply going to post a few things I would love to have in our new and improved living room.

Actual before and after pictures of the room are coming soon! *Promise*

Guess I'm going though a bit of an ikat phase. I was so resistant at first but now I am all over ikat. Unfortunately, ikat is SO 2008.

This pillow reminds me of Hanna's tattoo!

I love this stacked dresser. It would be so perfect for storing extra linens for our house guests!

This pillow matches our couch. I like the zigzag and the delicate black and white pattern that is balanced by mini silver sequins! This might be a necessity.

Hanna suggested hanging a curtain in the doorway between the kitchen and living room. I wouldn't ever want to close it, but I think a long drape would be a dramatic flourish and migh enliven an otherwise drab corner.

Images: Anthropologie

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