Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ps. I love it.

Back when I was searching for a jewelry box, I briefly considered a safari-themed make- up case. This is way out of character for several reasons:

1) I hate nature
2) I hate khaki
3) I hate things that are even remotely sporty looking.

And yet.

This safari-themed dresser feels vaguely romantic. It looks like the sort of furniture you'd find on a preppy cruise ship in the late 1920's. Or in a luxurious tent in the middle of the desert. I love the vanity too but feel like it should come equipped with elephant themed stationary- which isn't necessarily a bad thing! In fact, the set reminds me of the spread Keira Knightly did for Vogue a few years back where she wore lots of Ralph Lauren and schmoozed with baby elephants.

I could get into this.

Image: Graham & Greene via AT: San Francisco

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