Thursday, June 4, 2009

Speaking of...

Now that my mind's on dining areas, I might as well post some other ideas.

Even though it isn't the most practical idea, I love the look of thick rugs under a dining room table. Especially if the space is small and you need to carve out a distinct dining area. I love this rug because it reminds me of Warhol's flowers.

One of the most difficult things about living in a small space is giving up certain pieces that wouldn't fit or don't make sense in the space. Being the traditionalist that I am, I yearn for a proper buffet in a formal dining room. Even though we are lucky enough to have more than enough room in our kitchen for a dining area, it is definitely more of an informal seating area than a serious dining room. Nonetheless, I would love to incorporate some bold-colored wallpaper like this red and white poppy design.

I am such a sucker for mismatched prints.

And mismatched colors.

And drama.

Images: LivingEtc

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