Friday, June 5, 2009


Since my lovely ex-roommate Other Mia has so graciously agreed to do some guest posts, I thought I would honor her literary roots with magnificent card catalog I found over at Desire to Inspire!

This reminds me of Other Mia for several reasons:

1) It is a card catalog (duh)
2) It is colorful
3) There is a hat (Mia makes ridiculously cool knitted hats and wrist warmers, as well as handmade prints under the label BabyKitty. You can find them in Brooklyn at Flirt, which is the best store anywhere, ever.)
4) There is also a half naked lady wearing a cute skirt (don't ask why this reminds me of Mia. It just does.)

This card catalog would be great for storing craft supplies and materials, but I'd be tempted to store all my costume jewelry and outrageous make-up!

This photo comes from bitsandbobbins, whose adorable citrus-colored San Francisco apartment was featured on Apartment Therapy!

Image: bitsandbobbins via Desire to Inspire

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mia c said...

hey mia, I Other Mia love this. Also just recently discovered bits and bobbins myself. I bet if you sent this post to flirt they would link your blog to their website. Seryn has a blog for the store, but I don't know how often she keeps up with it. This is all making me happy because I have been missing you and Brooklyn big time lately. I actually just got Seryn's wedding invitation in the mail and was considering posting about it because it is way will love it.