Friday, June 5, 2009

On reading nooks

I am in a horrible mood today because my dumb cat spent half the night knocking all the perfume bottles off my dresser one by one and then this morning I bought a 'mixed berry' scone and there were raisins in it.



Luckily this photo from AT:LA has lifted my spirits a bit! I would totally do something like this in my apartment if I had the proper corner. It's cozy and comfortable and makes great use of a corner that might otherwise have been wasted. I love the deep drawers, which are perfect for storing drawings and papers if you are an artist or even household items like stationary, napkins, place mats, unused artwork and take-out menus.

I also love that they used fabric instead of wallpaper; it's wonderful for renters and easy to swap out of you wake up one day and decide you are out of your flower phase and heading toward tie dye.

Image: Family Living via Apartment Therapy Los Angeles

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