Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Carnation Nation

Yesterday a friend showed up at my apartment with flowers (And homemade chocolates. God, I'm spoiled!) and ever since I have been thinking about how important it is to have fresh flowers around. It can brighten any day and do wonders for a bland apartment that has yet to be set up or unpacked or repainted. It can also add variation to your color scheme. Say, for example, you have a room that is all neutral colors or all black and white. You could add several small arrangements in hot pink and suddenly your room is totally Parisian chic! Perhaps you decide you hate pink and replace them all with bright yellow and voila! your room is Venetian Art Nouveau!

I tend to be quite snobby about flowers. I hate things like baby's breath and hyacinth and anything too tropical and pointy. I also hate most filler flowers with the exception of carnations, which I am starting to adore. I especially like the fuchsia and white stripes in this simple yet classy bouquet. They're not wedding-worthy or anything but they'd be so nice scattered throughout a living room or in several small bud vases on a windowsill in the bathroom.

I vowed not to say anything about the wallpaper but come on, it's fabulous! I have had my eye on this style for quite some time and would love love love to use this in a bathroom above crisp white subway tile.

Image: Katja of Nestled In

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