Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Last week I hobbled home on horrible blister-ridden feet and of course I could not find a band-aid anywhere in the apartment. My old roommate keeps a handy Tupperware container underneath her bed that literally contains 6 different kinds of over-the-counter pain killers and I could not find a single band-aid anywhere in the house. As I patted my sore, swollen feet I resolved right then and there to go out and buy a first-aid kit as soon as possible.

Then I forgot.

Yesterday I made the blisters even worse by wearing yet another pair of insanely awesome but still very uncomfortable heels and I decided the best way to treat the now open wounds was with gin. Lots of it.

I saw this post on Shelterrific today and basically I think the fates are trying to tell me I should screw the pharmacy and support my local liquor store instead. I'm not even sure how or where this would fit in our apartment but I feel I must make it happen somehow because it is so damn cool. PLUS, the stylish cabinent would keep the barware far away from the cat, who might otherwise be tempted to knock them all over simply because she can.

Is it weird that I would be tempted to paint the traditional red cross neon pink or electric blue?

Images: Urbancase via Shelterrific

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