Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nice Rack!

I have about a million things on my 'to do' list but instead of working on various writing projects and/or work I actually get paid to do, I am going to write about this brazilliant coat rack.

I have such a love/hate relationship with coat racks. We had a traditional brass coat rack when I was little but it was so top-heavy it fell over on me when I was 6 and I spent half my morning 'trapped' under a mound of jackets pretending there had been an earthquake and rationing out fruit snacks in case I was stuck under there all day.

The problem is, I don't love those wall racks either- especially the kind with a shelf or anything that looks too 'country'. Ick. Since we don't have a hallway closet, we have to find a way to store coats and hats that won't topple over onto our guests and small cat. Our entryway is tricky though. When you enter our apartment you basically walk straight into the kitchen and though my first instinct is to fight for a proper entrance console/mirror combo and forgo the jacket storage altogether, I also have to consider practicality. This coat rack might be an easy solution to our problem. We could keep a few coats on it without piling them on top of each other and it looks shallow enough not to take up the entire walkway. Plus, we could paint it a nice bright color and it would look so neat and tidy!

Image: Design Sponge

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