Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heads or Tails?

I have not had a proper bed with a headboard and/or foot board since I was a child and I have been yearning for one lately. My current bed is basically the mattress and box spring on a metal frame with wheels. I KNOW. HORRIBLE. When I was 8 I begged my mother to buy me a sophisticated brass daybed from Pottery Barn but the white Sears version I received as a birthday present was rickety and disappointing and had to pretend I loved it long after the luxury had worn off.

I don't really care about foot boards or having a giant bed talking up half my room. A simple headboard would make the bed itself look more official instead of one step up from the whole boho mattress on the floor look. The problem with headboards is that they are expensive and usually sort of boring. I am all for making one myself but I hesitate because of all the important decisions that must be made. Fabric? Wood? Upholstered? Shelf? No Shelf?

Life is hard.

If my bedroom were larger and could handle the intense awesomeness of this blown up lace-covered canvas, I would totally steal this idea and then pretend I had come up with it myself when people come over to 'ooh' and 'ahh' all over themselves. My room is not, however, a spacious delight and so instead my sad bed will reside in a corner and I will just have to find another way to accomodate my fussy bed-related design queries. Perhaps I should make up for the lack of headboard with an abundance of pillows?

Image: LivingEtc via The Style Files

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