Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If Only I Didn't Want EVERYTHING

Damn you, holiday gift guides! I look forward to the annual round ups of fun gifts for every price point and giftee imaginable all year long and yet somehow they wind up populating my own wish lists instead of my gift lists. Epic. Fail.

Example: This superb mobile from graphic designer Clara von Zweigbergk.

I could name 3 people I know who would adore this mobile and if I bought it now I would be planning in advance which is, obviously, something I never do. However, I can't help thinking how perfect it would look hanging in my living room, possibly replacing the metal hanging lamp (currently without a fixture) that everyone insists is an upside down layer cake.  Plus, all these colors are currently in the living room AND I've been looking for ways to add in some modern accessories since the room looks a little too...old. Also I just really, really like it.

The jury's still out on whether I will actually purchase it or who will receive it but in the meantime, you should buy it! Especially if it's for me!

Image: A+R Store

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