Wednesday, November 10, 2010

apartment envy

Sometimes I sit around my apartment and I think, ' Apartment, you bore me'.

True story.

The fact is, I like bright colors and modern lines and enough artwork to cover a whole damn wall and that is sadly not happening in my apartment at the moment. To be fair, much of this is due to my budget and the fact that much of my furniture was inherited from either my parents, friends or craigstlist. One day I will get it together and start replacing things and buy appropriate frames for the piles of prints I have lying around everywhere and then my apartment will be a wonderland. Sort of like the apartment of one David Kaiser, an art curator whose magnificent apartment is currently featured over at NY Mag.
See? Isn't it just fabulous?

I am over the moon about this West Village apartment. Under Miles Redd's direction the floors were hand-painted, tables were ebonized, dressers repainted in Yves Klein blue and sconces were designed complete with matching oversize urns.  How is this not the most beautiful place you've ever seen?

Further evidence:
Yves Klein Blue! Yves Klein Blue! I die.

Images: NY Mag

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