Monday, November 15, 2010

Design Soulmates

 I have been freaking out over Matt Berman's Manhattan apartment, which was featured recently on Elle Decor. Isn't it just so yum?? I cannot stop staring at the photographs because the apartment gets better with every photo in their slideshow.  From the artwork below the bookshelves to the cubed coffee table, green dining room chairs, and oversize mood board, this space has excellent attention to detail and a well thought out floor plan. I love how the masculine heft of the larger pieces are balanced by lighter benches, patterned accessories and soft rugs. Basically, I would do anything to live here. Berman's aesthetic sense is so amazing, I would like to cut out his prefrontal cortex and just insert it right into my brain. Then I would decorate my apartment to look like his. And then I would give him back his prefrontal cortex because it really isn't nice to go around cutting out chunks of people's brains. Also, ew.

Moving on:
Look at the watercolor of Mae West! Check out the hanging lamp above the table! Why don't I have big branch arrangements on my table!?!?!

This is my ideal workspace: simple and not fussy with interesting things to look at when I am lacking inspiration/procrastinating/bored out of my mind.

Images: Elle Decor

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