Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bathing Beauty

It has happened! We have an apartment! After months and months of fantasizing, the time has come to actually plan! I don't even know where to begin!

Ok that's a lie. I know exactly where I want to begin: the smallest room in the apartment.


The bathroom is very important. It is where we relax. It is where we primp. It is where we spend too many hours examining the size of our pores and (if you were like me in high school) reenacting neutrogena commercials.

Several things must be kept in mind when designing a fashionable yet functional bathroom. *There must be proper storage.
*There must be good lighting
*There must be a cute shower curtain

Our bathroom has white tiles 3/4 of the way up the wall so naturally, we must paint the remaining wall space. Hanna has suggested a pastel yellow or lavender. I have thrown a bright spring green into the mix.

There are already two wooden ikea shelves hung over the toilet, providing ample space for cute baskets and (labeled?) bins of beauty products and cosmetics.

But what's to be done about the shower curtain situation???

I have a thought. It is called: recreate my fantasy entryway in the bathroom setting.

What's this you say? I am genius?

Yes. Yes I am.

Perhaps you need reminding of Rita Konig's awe-inspiring wallpapered entryway?

Here is what I would propose:
1) we paint the walls the yellow, lavender or green.
2) we use a darker, bolder shower curtain similar to this fabric (from ikea):

3) We accessorize with really simple, perhaps metallic toothbrush holders, soap dishes, etc.

I realize this is more than slightly dramatic but hey, that's how I roll!

Okay another idea.

We screw traditional shower curtains all together and buy a regular awesome curtain and use it in conjunction with a simple liner. We could pick a subdued wall color and let the shower curtain do the talking. It would say, 'hi. we are girls. we like girlie things. we are delicate but not dainty. we refuse shower while concealed in vinyl bubbles or some random subway map. ps. we are hot.'

Ok maybe our shower curtain won't be that verbose but it could be pretty nonetheless!

Perhaps something like this:

Or this:

I'd post more but my asshole internet is being its asshole self. Besides, I think you get the idea...

Images: Ikea and Urban Outfitters

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