Friday, March 13, 2009

Angels in the Outfitters

I'd like to say I despise Urban Outfitters for its prescribed hipster aesthetic, unrealistic sizing and snobby, mullet-sporting sales associates. I'd like to pretend I don't deign to set one foot on the over styled sales floor nor would I ever be caught dead wearing one of their dresses that look more like my grandmother's slip than a $200 mass produced crime. But sadly, I every once in a while I find myself drawn in to their sick little game. Once inside, I cannot stop hovering over the sales rack. Who cares if this grey t-shirt is XXL. It's tissue thin and ONLY $50! Down from $88! And once I go near the home section, it's all over. Long story short, I had some time to kill before a movie this week. Below is a list. I won't go into details because I've already shamed myself a little bit.

I want it. I want it ALL.

**Disclaimer: I am NOT a hipster. I couldn't bear to purposely look unattractive. **

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