Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's not easy being green

My adoration of all things jewel-toned has been well documented on this blog. As has my tendency to go overboard with the color grey (evidence = my grey wall and the two grey blankets, grey shirt AND grey jacket currently spread out on my bed).  Yet somehow when I look around my room, everything is suddenly green. I have nothing against the color green. I find it quite nice actually. I like green eyeliner. I like green tea. I like green apple jolly ranchers. J'dore the color green. Just don't particularly think to use it much in my living spaces. As a nice accent color, sure. Who doesn't love a kelly green cushion against a glossy white chair? Now I look around my room and I have an olive green dresser inherited from my roommate, TWO army green lamps (non-matching), a turquoise green rug and an old print that uses turquoise, lime green and olive green quite liberally. How did this happen?

Anyhoo. Despite my impulse to scale back my greenosity, I am still in love with this living room, featured in an Apartment Therapy post on shades. Contributed by Jenny of The Little Green Notebook, the furniture is large without being too dramatic or fussy and I love love love the couch. It looks so comfortable and perfect for a Sunday afternoon of reading and drinking coffee. (Is there anything else to do on a Sunday afternoon??)  

Also, I am obsessed with the idea of placing a small desk in front of a bookshelf. I have seen this in numerous Domino spreads and the idea of having a random desk creating a small work area in the living room is so much fun.  That way, when I'm pretending to do work while really watching 30 Rock, I will be that much more convincing.

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