Sunday, March 8, 2009

Color me Happy

I'm not sure why it is that my first impulse is to repaint every piece of furniture I find in some bright color. I should really stop that before I wind up living in the rainbow room or worse, Barbie's dream house...

Nevertheless, I was perusing The Company Store's new website and I found these neat wire stools and my immediate thought was 'I should paint these a shiny red. What's wrong with basic black? Nothing at all but sometimes you have to follow your instincts you know? Paint or no paint, my instincts tell me that for a mere $40, some extra seating isn't so bad!

Other clearance finds:

This ornate jute rug. It would look awesome in an entryway or even a larger kitchen (oh and also dyed pink....)

I like these ottomans a lot. I think I like the turquoise best but the plain white is also really elegant.

This Tall Boy reminds me of an old library. I'm not even sure what I would do with it but I know I want it.

                                                  These nesting tables: they are just cute.

Last but not least:

An upholstered bench! It provides tons of storage space PLUS extra seating AND would be reasonably comfortable to sit on or against. (I spend a lot of my time sitting on the floor.) I think I like it best in olive green but that could because I saw a FABULOUS living room in Domino as some point (sniffles) that featured a lot of olive green velour with deep magenta accessories, lots of bookshelves and silver lamps and I fell in LOVE.

If only finding and moving into an apartment would be as fun as decorating it.....

Images: The Company Store

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