Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lazy Saturday

I love lazy Saturdays. I work on Sundays so I have to somehow squeeze an entire weekend's worth of activities, errands and laziness all in one day. I tend to concentrate mostly on the laziness. Here is what I have done so far today:
*consumed a yummy eclair
* watched an episode of The Office
*apartment hunted online
*ate a sandwich
*talked to my mother on the phone
*apartment hunted online
*fantasy decorated the apartments I found online

Busy day and it's not even 2pm!

While trolling the internet on a break from apartment hunting (wow is it harder than I thought!) I found this great post on Constanca's apartment, which was also featured in the Ikea Family Live magazine.  As usual, Design Sponge has the scoop and a ton of wonderful before and afters. 

As usual, I am in love with all things shelving. The kitchens shelves! I die. Everything is color-coordinated, super organized and still functional. I would pretty much kill for enough space to include a wall like this in my next kitchen. 

I am also crazy about the shelves in the living room. A lot of people are so hesitant to use large shelving units in a small room because they think it will be overpowering but I think it's a great idea. It makes the room cozy, gives you space to store all the things that might otherwise crowd or clutter the room and also, it just looks good. I would probably swap out the white rug and couch for something with a bit more color and add a ton of colorful pillows. 

Speaking of pillows, I just found an old silk scarf I bought years ago and have never worn. I tied it around my neck but it looked stupid. I wore it as a headband for all of five minutes before it gave me a headache and then it occurred to me: I'll make a pillow out of it! 

Note to self: Start stocking up on vintage scarves...

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