Friday, May 29, 2009

Tied Down

As with any new apartment, there are a lot of decisions Hanna and I have to make. So far, we have been pretty good at meeting half way. For example, I wanted a 'grown up couch' whereas Hanna was happy with couches that, to me, looked like they belong in a dorm room. Our compromise? IKEA. Thank god for IKEA and their ability to design affordable furniture that (most of the time) looks more expensive than it is.

Our new couch will come with a black slipcover. Now. Our walls are bright blue. The floors are a dark mahogany. We are about to add a black couch. Crazy you say? No. GENIUS!

I lie.

Challenging to say the least! We have already invested in some translucent white curtains with a faint leaf pattern on them but we need to seriously consider our accessories. What we hang on the walls as well as pillows, throws, lamps and rugs will make or break the room.

That's why I'm sorta upset that I love this pillow so much. It would look terrible on a dark couch! And yet I adore it. It feels glamorous and slightly gothic, even though it's only tie-dye. Perhaps it could find a home on our arm chair that has yet to be reupholstered? Otherwise, I might have to seriously rethink my bedroom plans.

Image: Urban Outfitters

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